Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos (Superbowl 50)

Peyton Manning won his 2nd NFL Championship, this time behind the heroics of the Denver Broncos’ defense. The league MVP Cam Newton couldn’t find his footing for the NFC Champ Panthers in a game that featured no touchdown passes, but plenty of sacks.

Chris Trappaso (@ChrisTrapasso), homepage editor, NFL writer for CBS Sports, and staffer for The Comeback joins the podcast today to talk about the big game!

Alabama vs. Clemson (College Football Championship)

If you missed the 2016 college football national championship then you missed an instant classic and I feel so bad for you. Why didn’t you watch it? It was so much better than the NFL’s wildcard weekend. Nick Saban once again brings a title back to Alabama, but the Clemson Tigers showed up to play and nearly pulled off a miracle at the end. 45-40 is everything you wanted and more.

Resident SEC expert (and LSU alum) Guy Anglade (@musetteanddrums) returns to the Big Game to shed some light on the Crimson Tide’s process, the surprisingly awesome Deshaun Watson, and why we want more teams in the damn playoff already!