St. Louis Blues vs. Detroit Red Wings (NHL)

These two former division rivals faced off on NBC Sports Rivalry Night this week, and the St. Louis Blues’ defense shut down the Red Wings to take home the victory.

Brad Lee (@gtbradlee]), publisher of St. Louis Game Time, joins the podcast to talk about the Blues’ winning, the current status of the team’s storied rivalry with Detroit, as well as John Scott’s selection to the All Star Game and the Rams move *back* to Los Angeles.

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)

The Canes beat the Pens 2-1 in Pittsburgh on Saturday night. These two teams have struggled so far this season and sit near the bottom of the Metropolitan division, so it’s not the usual Big Game episode. However, this is our Holiday Special and we’re throwing out the rules!

Joining me today to celebrate the holiday season is Travis Hargett, my little brother. We recorded this one on the road in our childhood home, so that we can talk about the two hockey teams that mean the most to us. Sons of Pittsburgh and Raleigh, we made our choice a long time ago. Listen to find out why.

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